The Book

We all know that achieving excellent blood sugar control can be challenging. To make things easier for new & experienced T1Ds, I decided to write and illustrated T1D Pro, the book, as a way to convey my proven methods for managing Type 1 diabetes.

T1D Pro took me 18 months to document my methods for perfect blood sugars, fully illustrate, write, and edit. I’m proud of the work, and happy to share it with you!


In order to reach as many people, as quickly as possible, I decided to release T1D Pro on Amazon’s global marketplace. It’s available in E-book and print formats all around the world!

T1D Pro is sold exclusively on Amazon – Available globally

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T1D Pro is written & illustrated to provide you a clear-cut blood sugar management G.U.I.D.E. covering five critical areas: Glucose Visibility, Understanding, Insulin, Diet, & Exercise. The reads as “UGIDE” to cover Understanding first. See below for a few highlights from each chapter.

Chapter 1. Understanding

T1D Pro starts by reviewing the foundational understanding of Type 1 diabetes, A1C, and the effects of high and low blood sugar. The chapter ends with a deep-dive understanding of the goals of a Type 1 diabetic.

For the past 6 years I’ve maintained normal A1Cs, low standard deviation (high time in-range), and a GREAT quality of life. You can do the same!

Chapter 2. Glucose Visibility

If you haven’t already been convinced to wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), T1D Pro’s second chapter might convince you. In this chapter, we go in-depth about why CGMs matter, how to use them, and my personal setup.

This is me using a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) on a flight from Sau Paulo, Brazil to Miami, Florida. Everything is right on target!

Chapter 3. Insulin

With a variety of insulin types and delivery methods available to Type 1 diabetics, making the right choice can be confusing. In Chapter 3 I cover the pros and cons of the popular insulin delivery methods, point out the risks of each, and teach you how to become an “insulin master”.

This is my basal insulin. I believe that Tresiba is the best in-the-game for controlling blood sugar.

Chapter 4. Diet

Becoming aware of what your eating, and when you eat it is a powerful tool for all Type 1 diabetics. In Chapter 4 we discuss how I manage my diet in order to eat what I want while still maintaining world-class blood sugars.

I don’t eat a lot of carbs in the morning or evening. But, when I saw these at lunch, I dug right in! Learn more about the proper diet to achieve world-class blood sugars in the book.

Chapter 5. Exercise

Exercise is the great equalizer for Type 1 diabetics. In Chapter 5 we review how best to exercise as a T1D, and the pitfalls to avoid. I also walk you through my daily exercise routine and preparation.

Tennis is my go-to sport. But, all exercise plays a critical role in maintaining great blood sugars and quality of life.

The “Free” 8 Hours – Sleep

Believe it or not, a solid 8 hours of sleep is possible…even for Type 1 diabetics.

 In Chapter 6 I walk you through the routine that I swear by to ensure quality sleep each and every night.

Learn all about my bedtime routine to ensure a solid 8 hours of sleep – every single night.

Print Version

On Amazon I offer two versions of T1D Pro. The first is a print version. (All illustrations will be printed in high def. black and white.) In total it’s 112 pages. Easy to understand. Easy to read. I recommend taking T1D Pro 1 chapter at a time to make sure the material sets in properly.

The print copy is 5.5″ x 8″ and 112 pages.


The second is an E-book version that’s readable on any E-book / Kindle compatible device. These include smartphones, tablets, and more. All you have to do is download the Kindle App and buy the Kindle version on Amazon.

The E-book version has live links connecting to and full-color illustrations.